In brief

The past decades have witnessed a renewed interest in international development economics, as shown by the increasing number of doctoral theses in the field, the rising role in academic research (international publications, conferences).

The network entitled “International Development Economics (IDE)” is dedicated to the animation of all types of research dealing with the aforementioned theme, especially through mobility and academic exchanges. All fields are covered, both micro organizations including households or firms, and macro structures, typically states designing and implementing economic policy. In addition, the network “IDE” is also interested in topics in relation with sustainable development including environmental economics, provided that empirical applications are focused on developing economies

The network is composed of some influential research centers working on development economics in France or in Western Europe. Collaborations are extended in a way that might facilitate joint participations to European research programs.

Main goals pursued by the network can be summarized as follows:

  1. Ensuring the organization of workshops dealing with issues of mutual interest.
  2. Ensuring the organization of symposiums one every two years with the aim of bringing together the largest number of professionals and experts in the field of international development economics.
  3. Enhancing the ability to submit quality proposals in response to international calls for tenders.