GDRI IDE Conference

3-4 November 2016 – Clermont-Ferrand

About 100 researchers attended the conference and more than 70 papers were presented. All the members of the IDE network participated to this event.

Two plenary sessions were organized:

Shanta Devarajan (Chief Economist, Middle East and North Africa Region, World Bank) with Stuti Khemani as co-author, presented: If politics is the problem, how can external actors be part of the solution? The authors deal with the relationship between the political power in developing countries and its effect on decision making.  Shanta Devarajan recommends a more transparent information and to empower citizens.

Jean-Marie Baland (Université de Namur): The relevance of the collective model of household bargaining for developing countries. The aim of this communication is to examine intra-household bargaining and the different factors influencing decision-making.

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